15 Things I use to build my practice

These are are the things I practice when starting a business or just navigating through life. I will probably create a video talking about these 16 things, so here I will just lay them out for you; a reminder for me.

  1. Define a goal worth fighting for.
  2. Deconstruct the goal.
  3. Make a daily plan that if allowed will get you to your goal.
  4. Remove temptations and distractions.
  5. Prioritize the goal before anything else.
  6. Don’t wait for it to feel right.
  7. Force yourself to do it.
  8. Find a role model who inspires you. (Grant Cardone, Dan Lok)
  9. Schedule breaks, treats, and rewards for yourself.
  10. Failure – even for a day – is not an option.
  11. Keep track of your progress.
  12. Set monthly milestones.
  13. Self-analyze your process.
  14. Remove negative habits.
  15. Use discipline to become superhuman.

Now I also have 16 things I do to see the first 15 through! They are as follows.

  1. Set goals & rewards
  2. Prioritize tasks
  3. Learn to delagate
  4. Start with small tweaks in schedule
  5. Set clear deadlines
  6. Plan your meals ahead
  7. Say no to multitasking
  8. Link your actions to your goals
  9. Block out things that can distract you
  10. Schedule your day ahead (really difficult for me)
  11. Take breaks and unwind before sleep
  12. Learn to say No
  13. Don’t get lost in the details
  14. Try not to be overwhelmed
  15. Keep you inspiration and motivation
  16. Don’t forget to have fun

This is how I the 24 hours I am given. I work hard and fuck off a lot, but I out work the work though. I listened very closely to Grant Cardone and I really love his approach to things and then I mix it with alittle Dan Pena – The 50 Billion Dollar ManDan Lok The King of High Ticket Sales, Les Brown, Eric Thomas – The Hiphop Preacher, Will Smith, and Warren Buffett. I listen alot of others in the morning while I am working. I will share them individually in later posts.

I use all of these thing to help me stay focused on what I am for. I find joy in it so it helps to keep that vibration going. I believe thoughts become things but I subscribe to working your ass off. #Outworkthework type shit.

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