I went more than 3 minutes

That Beard Tho Hoodie
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We were walking this morning – our normal using the  Sweatcoin app (yes, we’re hiring – apply now start now – get paid for walking, it’s that simple). I try to walk as far as I can before my back starts to give me problems.  I noticed had 6 people sign up to get paid for walking.., something we do on a regular basis. I am not hyping this up like it gonna end world hunger or anything – this is some of that extra bread… some of that get you by bread….off in the cut type bread.

Taco Tuesday T-shirt
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Today is Taco Tuesday, I thought it was just some new thing they did in Kansas City. I experienced with some really good friends, kids, and even the ex-wife. She was cool the whole time I was in KC visiting my kids for the first time in 12 years. I caught the bus there from Pensacola, Fl to the station in KC. I got to see my friends I hadn’t seen in years. I got to go fishing and to the range with my son. We watched my youngest daughter graduate and almost had to fight up in the piece over some damn seats. lol, Shit was crazy. I got to ride the motorcycle that I had not rode in 12 years…my really good friend Sherman still had it and had it running when I got there. He said, “go ride – we can catch up when you get back…I did just that. She had felt the day he gave her to me. It was his wife Angie’s bike and I rode the shit out it when I lived there. It was my freedom – better than weed freedom.  Well…maybe not that far but you get what I mean.

Wendy's Fund for Lupus Awareness
Got Deez? http://www.gotdeezteez.com

I started Wendy’s Fund for Lupus Awareness for Wendy Elsperman-Loveless 5 years ago, she has been my friend since 1986; this is my best friend. She has Lupus. I never know what it was like living with someone with lupus. I tell you the fuck what tho. I have yet to meet anyone else that gets sick the way she does and then copes and deals with the shit it’s insane. She is a trooper.  I moved here and immediately we switch up her diet and now we don’t eat red meat, pork, dairy, and anything that comes in a box…if it ain’t made from scratch we won’t eat it. We drink Sole water and eat as much fruit as we can without overdoing it on the natural sugars.

We teamed up with the Lupus Foundation of America to find a cure, educate, and support those with this terrible disease. I have had a few of my other friends pass from complications of lupus – no one person is the same. So I wanted to try to help save my friend and others from the same thing happening to them. Please support me in my mission to find a cure for lupus. We are raising money with the help of Got Deez? www.gotdeezteez.com they created the first of many teez (pink t-shirt above) for Wendy’s Fund all proceeds from the sale of Deez Teez go to Wendy’s Fund and Lupus Foundation of America.

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