Are you using your phone or is your phone using you?

I often freak out when I can’t find my phone. I pick my phone up first thing in the morning on my way to the bathroom. I have sat at a table with family and friends and have used my phone at the table instead of visiting with those I care about. We used to have this talk at my barbershop. It’s crazy really. Ever since the cell phone, I have found multiple reasons to have my phone in my hand. A lot of that changed when I went to the hospital and they gave me some steroid shots. I sat completely down for about 28 days. What did I do with that time? I read books. I listened to books. I watch youtube videos about the things I am into – I added something new to my routine.

I wake up at 4/4:30 am (no alarm clock) and grab my phone and head straight for the bathroom.Β  While I am roosting I check email and social media. I reply to emails and make a few posts on social media platforms. Then I let my dogs out while I grab me some Sole water to drink. I get Wendy up – we get dressed and then we head out for our morning walk – we talk while we walk. Phones in our pocket – to track steps. After the walk we listen to music from our phones while we get showered and dressed and I won’t see my phone again until I think that Wendy has sent me a message checking on me – making sure I haven’t tried to move the entire house around or outside in the hot ass Florida sun doing some yard work.Β  I might check to see if my kids have sent messages to me on Snapchat or WhatsApp…I leave all my notifications off except for email and the ringer.Β  Most of my calls are scheduled so I don’t have the ringer up full blast.

About 5/6 pm Wendy gets home and I shut down from working to spend time with her. We watch youtube on my computer. We do not own a television – we watch what we want to see and then do whatever want to do. When we have dinner. NO PHONES. When We go out to eat together – NO PHONES. It is not that hard for us to pull ourselves away – we come from a time before the cell phone. Hell, we spend more time outside looking for money on the ground. Regardless if it is on heads or tail. I win and add it to my riches.

I am pulling myself away from my phone more and more to notice more and more of what is going on around me. I make it a practice to try to remember phone numbers again. I say good morning before I touch my phone even though as soon as I get out of the bed Wendy wakes up at the slightest movement I make. lol

I don’t play video games anymore and never really was into them. If it weren’t for my kids I would probably just have an old flip phone.

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