Ok, so I used to walk a lot before I got in this car accident. I go from walking 12 miles from Bayou Blvd Star Bucks all the way down to Marcus Pointe Golf Course…then when I figured where I was I made it to Alorica (back then it was West). It was normal for me to walk for hours. I wanna really see shit. I am thinking – listen to the sounds the entire earth makes – every car going by, the smells of the different eateries – bbq pits, kids playing softball…the farmer selling big ass watermelons under big weed that has grown into this oversized bush. The water flowing under the overpass…the van.

A couple of years go by and I am at the ER complaining about my neck and back from a car accident the day before. The pain was real. I cannot go too in-depth about it, let us just say…where are at the part where I am going for an MRI to be told how they are going to fix it. There will be a time for this but this ain’t that…and that ain’t this as Tiffani would so eloquently put it.


I said all that for this…when they fix me up I am back walking to the ends of the earth and back. I wish I had this app a long ass time ago I would’ve broke the bank on Sweatcoin already….sheesh! Man- you wait until I can get my thing off. I have been hiring people to join me in doing something you do every single day. You gotta walk to the car…you gotta walk to the store…you gotta damn walk from a to b and so on and on….why not make a little change while you at it. That will go right into my building fund of riches and add to my worth.

Fuck you mean…


I want every dollar you going to gimme. If I am walking….something I do any got damn way and you going gimme a check…I’m doing it and taking as many people with me as I can. It ain’t no secret I want A LOT of money…My name is got damn expensive.

I know some of my friends looked at my post about it and ain’t doing it cause now walking it’s a job and they want more money for it than what they are already getting. Say that to the kid with no legs and I bet he’ll beat the breaks off ya for being an idiot.

Or because it’s Me.

I started a non-profit for Wendy called Wendy’s Fund for Lupus Awareness. She has Lupus. This is my ride or die, ace boon coon, my nigga, even if she don’t get no bigger. With that being said – all my earnings from Sweatcoin will go to Wendy’s Fund and to Lupus Foundation of America. I have known Wendy since 1986. I ain’t ready for her to leave yet. So we are walking to get back looking like we did when we were kids.


We are both out of shape but want to stay looking young as shit so we walk as far as I can (barely 1 1/2 – 2 miles) before I gotta sit down some damn where. I live by the beach (10-15 minutes by car in early morning traffic) I want to walk there and back ….like a lot of times. Not just once. Fuck swimming it. Pensacola got sharks…you’ve seen Jaws. They filmed that shit here. Bad English and all.

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