How to make $150 per day… A 4 step system

I use Robinhood to play Penny Stocks, it doesn’t charge any commission fees. Click this picture to get a free stock when you sign up for Robinhood.
  1. Daily trading plan (setting the goal) – $150 per day
  2. Daily Trading Strategy – buy qualified support and selling qualified resistance after strong buying/selling signals are presented by the market. NO OVERNIGHT POSITIONS.
  3. Qualifiers:  A. Price range: $10-$50 B. Volume minimum C. Swing trend: close above/below swing points
  4. The window strategy – Two trades per hour on average with the goals of trading for 3 hours per day and hitting or exceeding the daily dollar goal.

X-Y-Z Goals

  • $150 per day
  • $750 per week
  • $3000 per month



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