My friend Durwood

Folding a tarp to put away.

I hangout with Durwood. He lives in Pensacola, one of my business partners. Dude is hella fun and good energy. When I saw this video I bout fell on the floor. I couldn’t believe I had been hanging out with the same dude. He is cool and you would never think he was worth $7 million. Β He is truly humble.

I met him a month or so ago thru his sister in law – she never said all this about dude. Crazy thing is we are both into a lot of the same thing ( & So stay tuned…’ll be hearing from us.

Durwood actually got me started with & His brother invited over to the office one day and we had a talk. He talked. I listened.

Durwood and I….the calm before the storm.

5 minutes later, I had $415 in my account.

It was that easy, and the way he explained it I had to dive in. He sold me on how to use the coin, not the value of it. Most people believe crypto is for investing, each coin has specific use and will work perfectly every time if you use it that way. Durwood has been in & before the website and massive infrastructure it has now. CRYPTO-CALL-FLYERBut Durwood started in the trenches using the coin without any Troption University, Conference Calls, or any internet help. He has show me a lot to help me grow my business and do some of the wild things I like to do. Like I said, watch we are about to do.

I digress.

Durwood is just as humble and cool as can be. I bought my first & xTroptions.goldΒ from Durwood. I started with $136 cash and a few deals later, I now have over $500,000.00. Β I have plans to make some things happen. But for now the plan is building a solid system for Got Deez Teez, llc.Β  So I am on the hunt for the right people to be apart of my vision.

Where to start? …….I’m workin on it.

If you are not sure about &….watch the video below.

My current wallet as of November 30, 2018.

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