The Rise To Success

I wasn’t the smartest kid in school. Then again, I just didn’t learn the way that “the majority” or the way “normal kids” did. I was different. My mother called me Listen. I live the meaning of this word. I have this unique ability to live inside of sound. I hear everything. This is how I learn, I am very observant, I don’t miss much.

I watch, listen, learn, and then I do.

I believe that Emcees are the new teachers and preachers… I listen to a lot of music and there has always been a message in music. You just have to listen.

I am a day one fan of Jay-Z. I trust and believe everything he has said. I have tried it myself. I didn’t move coke or anything like but the movement behind the words-the real meaning and or message in every line helped me make the some of the left and right turn decisions I have made in my life time.

There are other Emcee’s that I love to listen to like Tech N9ne. Day one fan and this is my friend. I used to sit and talk with this dude and I studied his music as he was building his way to his own success. Admiring every moment I spent with him as just my friend. Every song I really seen the “how did you come up with this song” shit. He painted a picture of his life in words to give you a message. However you interpret it to be for you. Genius.

I hope to meet Jay-Z one day. I would really like to sit and talk with him. Out of all the words I have listened to I am sure he has a lot to say. Plus he’s a Dallas Cowboy fan. Love Dem Stars!

I watch, listen, learn, and then I do.

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