On my Rainman

I have been thinking about how I can scale my business. I started with 8 t-shirts. We grew that to a full on custom t-shirt business that did rather well, but it tied me to my house and kept me from doing more in the marketing and promotion area.

You should see my business plan. It has insane notes made all over it – determining viability, re-creating my business plan, figuring out money, getting family behind you, choosing the business name, registering a domain name, incorporating and figuring out our legal structure has been all I have been on lately – while my current store is open and operational; we are doing well right now but I want to be doing great.

I’m all in.

So we scaled to print on demand. It does well but we are stuck doing like Coco-Cola did when the began. It took Coca-Cola 18 months to sell an entire case of pop/soda.

Got coca-cola.jpgDeez is a catchy name but the brand still needs time to grow on people. So we decided to take on other brands and use our brand name and store to promote other brands. That is really working out better for us and it helps get our name and brand out there. I myself, love this idea, this is where we pivot and create a level of value that cannot be ignored.

We have added a few product lines and brands that do well in our store. The Hubris Company, Turbo Fit, HD Physiques, and XIII XIII to name a few.

Got Deez will remain as an online retail store but our goal is to open brick and mortar stores in strategic places around the world.

I want to offer the maximum amount of value to a target audience that is looking for the experience and value we offer. I want to build a brand that will be around like Levi’s, Coca-Cola, and Ford.

So we are going to expand our product categories to the following:

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So to my family and friends, please forgive me as I will be short with you on the phone and not showing up to many functions – I won’t be available for a lot of shit for a minute. This is going to take a laser beam focus and so that means I will be cutting everything else out.


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