My 6 step beard routine

I am an early bird, I usually get up and wash my face, brush my teeth, and get my beard ready for the day.

Step 1
I spray distilled water on my beard to wake it up from the night before. I do not do my beard dry, that will cause breakage and you will destroy your beard.
Step 2
I massage the water in to loosen up my beard. I do not dry my beard after spraying distilled water on it. I leave the water still kinda dripping water.
Step 3
I use The Hubris Company beard oil to seal in the water. It smells really good and feels even better.
Step 4
I massage it in myself. If my other half was up this early I would have her massage it in, she’s never up at 4:30am. It helps stimulate the beard which helps it grow. It feels good when you do it yourself, but there is nothing like letting your girl touching​ your face/beard.
Step 5
The Hubris Company Pomade! I apply it and massage it in sealing in the water and the oil.
Step 6
I use a boars hair brush to brush in all that goodness and to get down close to my skin to work it all in.
Same Step
Make sure to brush it in completely. Your skin and beard will thank you.
That Beard Tho!
And there you have it. I do not shape my beard up. I want it to grow fully and then I​ will cut i…​.maybe.

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