The things I do for inspiration

I’d like to think Robert Messenger and I are friends…he takes care of my 52 Ford (for real I just bought it about 6 months ago and we haven’t done anything to it yet, I keep wanting to just drive it how she sets right now). He does a lot with cars so I will just call him a mechanical artist. I have seen him do a lot of cool stuff to cars, motorcycles, well…just about anything he can get his hands on. I’ve personally seen it happen on several occasions. He owns Messenger Hot Rods (523 S Old Corry Field Rd, Pensacola, FL 32507) in Pensacola, Florida.

I always want to call him “Rob” (I toiled over-doing it in this post)…He will tell you that is not his name with a quickness. I catch myself a lot. I have known a lot of Rob’s in my lifetime, I suppose – just easier to say that way sometimes. He refuses to let anyone be lackadaisical about his name. Robert is definitely an original. I met him about a year and some ago, I kept seeing these cars sitting out front of his shop.

I love cars. I stopped in one day and met him. We talked about cars and I told him.

“I don’t fix ’em. I drive ’em.” He looked over the top of his glasses and laughed like he knew I didn’t know shit about a car, but how to drive them and that was even questionable.

It is not that I am dumbass when it comes to cars and shit like that. I know what I know and know what I don’t know. And I am fine with it that way.






So I frequent his establishment kinda like an alcoholic will a liqour store.  I love classic cars, motorcycles and Robert has them sitting outside his shop and in the shop with his crazy dog named Half Pint. You gotta watch Half Pint. He is a humper of the leg. Funniest damn thing ever – he is damn relentless too and strong as a damn Ox.  If

I digress.

I stop by often, even when Robert is not open. Sometimes I just ride by and admire the place on my way to anywhere. I live around the corner somewhat. I have also been known to stop by and get out of my car just to take a close look at some of what he has sitting outside in front of the building.

I am instantly inspired.

Swift The Billionaire
by Kat Ruiz

I am not sure if it is the cars or the fact that Robert is like a real mechanical Piccaso and I am just drawn to it. When he talks I am listening closely – everything he says I can see in front of me, literally. I think it is dope how he sees things. Not like Rainman. More like Jean-Michele Basquiat.  His girlfriend, Kat Ruiz, is the same way. Very beautiful person. She does the Battling Betty thing and she is a super dope artist. She owns She hooked up a piece for one of my Dickies that I have yet to complete. They compliment the hell out of each other. If I were asked I would say they bring the best out of each other artistically.

I created this post to briefly talk about Robert and show you some of the cars I draw from. I draw inspiration from a lot of things. But cars do it for me every time as does art and fine art. I like to think they are one and the same.

I should just say thank you to Robert. Not for being my friend, for working on my car, or putting up with all my crazy ass ideas. Thank you for being who you are for me and others like me. I am sure Will, Kat, and myself cannot be the only ones. I am sure you have inspired many.  The thank you is for the inspiration and good energy you have and for all these cars I get to play with and draw ideas from.

It’s something about like-minded people.

Messenger Hotrods
I usually stop by my homie Robert Messenger’s shop when I need some inspiration.
Got Deez Teez
Divine Details.
Messenger Hotrods
There is something there for me to draw ideas from everytime I stop by.
Messenger Hotrods
There are so many things I could and would do to this 53 Desoto though.
Swift The Billionaire
If I sit long enough, I do go into my Rainman and come up with tons of ideas.
Got Deez Teez
Our community outperforms the competition.
Swift The Billionaire
The ideas come and they help me think of ways to sort out my business ideas and plans. More like meditation.
Frankenstein - Lawless Hotrods
Robert also helps out next door from time to time. At Lawless Hotrods next door
Frankenstein - Lawless Hotrods
You can see how I never really run out of ideas.

Got Deez Teez

Frankenstein - Lawless Hotrods
I do a lot of building.
Frankenstein - Lawless Hotrods
A thing of beauty.
Frankenstein - Lawless Hotrods
Either way, I get a wealth of ideas and that makes me happy and inspired.

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