I listened

IMG_5333I go through bouts of depression every now and again trying to figure out the way to go and the “why.” Today I think I just figured it out all out. See, I like to talk and I like to read and listen to motivation people all day long.

My mother calls me Listen. She is right, I am. I think I was sent here to remind myself of all these things that will touch you in the right spot, just as they have for me. I plant reminders to help me help you. I want to help and I think that instead of just posting these quotes and thoughts on social media I should put them on your favorite shirt – your favorite hoodie – your favorite workout tank top.

My mother used to tell me to put post-it notes up around the house to remind myself of the things I want to sink into my brain. So why not put it where you can see it all day long… on you.

You know, what’s crazy is that I made a logo that says, “Got Deez?” with a text bubbleGot-Deez.png behind it. Not once did I ever think about what that really meant when I made it. Got Deez whaaaa…. quotes. I do have a lot of quotes. Tons of them. But how about if I share the ones that mean the most to me. So instead of my just posting to social media every morning with something I found to be that profound, how about I get my art thang on and create a new favorite teez for you. Why? because I Got Deez quotes and I want to share them with you…In my quest for my own greatness, I tell myself a lot of the things I share with you. These are the things that help me get there – that help me keep going. I pour so much sweat equity into the things I do running off in other directions most of the time and somehow I have forgotten it could be this simple. Damn.

Got Deez 3 Rules I live by.

Creating Deez Teez was never about making money, but I want my online store to make money, it must make money so we can continue to bring you new products and experiences.

I said all this to say, thank you…I listened.

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