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Ok, so I gotta write this shit out so. This is an idea I tried before and it failed terribly. So we are going to revisit this and I think I gotta this time.

I make t-shirts and work with a few brands. I also drive a 52 Ford Hotrod and I stop and speak to people all the time about my car while wearing one of my own business t-shirts. Either they ask me about “got deez nut” and tell a joke or two more or “what years your car?” – this happens all the time. I use my car as a conversation piece and it works every time. I meet a lot of interesting people this way but I also build my clientele.

email: for booking.

My plan is this:

Your options…I always have options.

I charge you (customer/client) $25 for a t-shirt with your logo or saying that I will wear this t-shirt on a calendar day or days you pick. Meaning: Jan 1 is $1, Jan 2nd is $2, Jan 3rd is $3 – April 10th is $100, December 25th is $359, December 26th is $360 and so on and so on with January 1 always starting at $1 (check the Day Number Calendar, each day of the month has a number, that is that cost for that day.) Each day has a number and that is the price – no discounts, non-negotiable.


I will: 

  • Wear your branded apparel cruising around town in my 1952 Ford Hotrod.
  • Take pictures, create stories, and promote you (your business) in my daily vlog and social media platforms associated with Got Deez? (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and other social media platforms.)
  • Stop at random places around town to meet people to promote your business and talk to people about my car. Whichever comes up first (lol).
  • Share your business on all of my social media platforms.
  • Make guest appearances with Pebbles (separate fee).

This isn’t a challenge to see how many days I can get. This keeps me riding and meeting new people.

Creating content.

Promoting my business and yours.

Let’s think about it, how many 52 Ford Hotrods do you really see on the street? I drive mine daily. So some of the proceeds will go to the wear and tear done to my baby. But I will keep her on the road except for in bad weather.  We will do something else in its place if that is the case. But other than that. This is it.  It is just that simple.

*I will create a t-shirt with your logo or saying on it. You pay for the t-shirt and the day or days you want me to advertise on from my 2019 Day Number Calendar

**I will drive around Pensacola and Pensacola Beach stopping at random places to speak to people about your business and/or my car.

***I will take pictures, post to social media, create stories, and daily vlog of my adventures in my 52 for the next 365 days.

The goal is to keep Pebbles (my 52 Hotrod) on the road. I want my business to be like my 52. Old as shit and still running.” So this will help me do just that.

What do we call it?

Seriously, what do we call it? The 52 Hotrod Meet and Greet? Hell, if you have a name for this leave a comment.

Now, Wendy and I have plans to build a tiny house that we can pull with our 2005 Ford Escape aka The Puddle Hopper (we go from water hole to water hole) and travel around to other cities to live and just see the world the way we want – together. So don’t be surprised if you see us in your neighbor doing what we started here in Pensacola.

No, this is not a spoiler alert, that shit could happen. lol

FYI:  I will not promote abusive or negative material. I WILL NOT PROMOTE CHURCHES OR POLITICAL PARTIES OF ANY KIND. I reserve the right to say NO to whatever I want and these are no-gos for me. 


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